• Are Clive Gibson's prices the same as Yellow Metered Taxis?

    No – Our prices are estimated to be close to taxi rates. On short journeys we are often more expensive, but on longer journeys we are often a little cheaper!


  • Do the Clive Gibson's cars have meters in them to calculate the fare?

    No - Our rates are a quoted fixed base price. For instance, in slow moving traffic our price stays the same!


  • Are there extra charges for your Clive Gibson's cars?

    Yes – We have extra surcharges for transfers to country areas and for very early or late pick up times. Please refer to travel price list and quote/bookings pages.


  • Do Clive Gibson's provide baby seats and is there a charge for the baby seats?

    Yes. We provide the complete range of seats from capsules up to boosters for older children. There is a surcharge of $15.00 per car seat.


  • Do I have to pre-book a car?

    Yes, all bookings must be pre booked – preferably the day prior to travel during office hours of 4.30am to 10.00pm 7 days.


  • My travel needs sometimes change at the last minute, can I book or change a booking on the same day?

    Yes you can change an existing booking at any time. A new booking can often be made asap on the same day, but sometimes we simply have to say that we are not able to help due to the late notice.


  • Do you accept all credit cards?



  • Are there any charges for accepting payment by credit card?

    Yes, please refer to the Payment Options tab on this site.


  • Are the Clive Gibson's cars licenced by the appropriate government authorities?

    Yes. The cars all have the correct Licence requirements and operate under the control of the Taxi Services Commission ( Unlike Uber X which operates illegally ) which looks after all taxis and Hire/Corporate/Chauffeured cars and vans in Victoria. They are all insured and comply with all government and Melbourne Airport requirements.