Melbourne Airport and the AFP ( Australian Federal Police ) now require drivers of Chauffeured Cars that are waiting for customers inside the terminals to stand and wait in designated areas only.

These area are as follows:
Terminal 1 - Qantas and Jetstar domestic terminal


Chauffeur Meeting Point, located in the middle of the ground floor luggage collection area.

Terminal 2 - International terminal for all airlines


Meeting Point Sign, located on the ground floor near the TRAVELEX FOREIGN EXCHANGE counter in the public arrivals hall.

Terminal 3 - Virgin Blue and REX domestic terminal


Chauffeur Meeting Point located on the ground floor near the base of the stairs/escalator, luggage collection area

Terminal 4 - Tiger Airways


Melbourne Airport rules are that we are not allowed to park and wait to meet and greet you as we are monitored by security and on camera. We are only allowed to meet you inside at Terminal 3, the Virgin and Rex airlines terminal, ground floor. Simply ring or text your driver when you have landed and he/she will co-ordinate your pick up!
Also be advised that Melbourne Airport are doing construction works currently and we ask for your patience and assistance.

At all times, if you cannot see your driver holding a sign with your name, please phone 03 8566 8522 immediately so that we can connect you and him/her asap.


Please be advised, that landing times provided by the airlines and Melbourne Airport are not always accurate and if you land early (yes it does sometimes happen!!!!! ) our drivers may not be aware that you are inside the terminal and ready to go!


For Private Bus Jobs please note that as per Melbourne Airport rules, Bus driver are not allowed to leave their buses unattended so wont be able to wait inside. We will send a text message with the driver name and driver phone number and when client is ready he can call the driver direct to come and pick him up. Driver will be 5 minutes away waiting for the call. If you DO NOT have a working mobile phone, please go to ground floor Terminal 2 (T2 International) and locate the information counter. Inside the Information area is a booking display wall with 3 FREE PHONE handsets.. dial 125 to connect to our ground operations office. Our staff will then organize your transfer. The pickup point will be in front of the main entrance of Park Royal Hotel (opposite international terminal T2), next to AVIS car rental shop. If you have any problems locating Park Royal please ask any yellow jacket at the airport to help you.

Traffic and Parking Information


Due to continuing traffic congestion and excessive parking fees, we have found it necessary to assist our clients via mobile phone and text procedures to effect reasonable arrival and departures times, on the ground, in our vehicles, rather than spending 10-15 mins in the traffic queue trying to leave the airport. Our office staff and drivers will direct you to the best pick up point depending on conditions at any particular time.


Pick up procedures.


Domestic.   Terminals 1, 3 and 4.


Due to Melbourne Airport price gouging on our parking charges we are forced to make  some changes.
We are charged $4.00 for 0-29 mins,  $8.00 for 29-59 mins and $28.00 for 59-89 mins!! 


Our drivers will enter the car park about 10 mins after we think you have touched down.  If you are going to be ready earlier than this then please  TEXT to your driver direct or ring our office as soon as you land so we can park sooner for you 


International Terminal 2.


Our drivers will park 30 mins  after touchdown.  Please TEXT direct to your driver or ring the office if you land early or you think you will exit customs quickly.

Our driver will leave the terminal 45 mins  after he/she parks but will then re enter immediately to wait for you again.


However if we do not have some contact from you by 90 mins after landing then the driver will stand down and exit the airport.   Cancellation charges then apply.


Please understand Melbourne Airport is a privately owned airport and when queried they advise us to pass the charges on to you!  However, we are attempting to minimize costs through sensible procedures.