Credit Card

All credit card transactions for Corporate Cars, Limousines and Taxis incur an administration and GST charge of approximately 11%. Taxis in Victoria are now at 5%.
We have reduced our charge from 11% down to 5%, the same as taxis for all credit card / Paypal transactions processed through our office. Payments made in the car at the end of journey may still attract the 11% surcharge. You can avoid all credit card surcharges by depositing directly into our company Commonwealth Bank account. (details provided upon booking )

Credit Card Processing.


Please be advised that we are currently using two ( 2 ) third party providers for credit card processing.


GM Cabs of Mascot in Sydney


LIVE Taxi E Pay also of Sydney


One of these names will show on your credit card statement.


We however put our VHA name as well on the paid Tax Invoice that we email to you after we process your payment.


You are welcome to get clarification if needed from Clive in car.

Customer Invoiced Account

Customers are most welcome to open an account and this will also avoid credit card charges. However, all accounts must be secured by an active credit card and if the account is not paid on time as per our account terms and conditions, then the credit card provided will be charged and the full 11% surcharge will apply.

Cancellation Policy


  • Cancellation in excess of 24 hours refunded 100% of charges payable minus $10 processing fee.


  • Cancellation under 24 hours, with more than 12 hours' notice given incurs 50% penalty.


  • Cancellation less than 12 hours will incur a NIL refund.